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commonly asked questions

Where are you located? 

We just opened our own brick and mortar storefront!!


Our newly renovated bakery is located in our very own neighbourhood of West Rouge, located in the sweet spot between Toronto and Durham Region! Find us in Centennial plaza off of Port Union Rd. We're tucked in the corner between Pizza Pizza and the Pharmacy.

5550 Lawrence Ave. E Unit 5


Store Hours: Thursday to Saturday from 11 to 5. 

Can I find your products anywhere else?

We are vendors at The Maker's Hub! 1380 Hopkins St. Unit 5. Whitby. Keep your eye on our social media for ours weekly restocks and market menu updates.

Do you deliver?

Delivery may be available upon request for custom orders.

How far in advance should I place my order?

Our current minimum notice requirement is 3-4 weeks for custom orders. However this may change without notice during peak season. 

How do I transport my cake?

Your vehicle should be enclosed, clean and air-conditioned with a flat, level surface to set the cake on. Seats and laps are not level. We suggest the floor in front of the passenger's seats. Remove loose objects that could roll into the cake. Keep car and cake as cold as possible during transport and away from direct sunlight. Drive carefully! Turns, stops, and starts should be performed extremely slow. Avoid bumps, hills, gravel roads, and use a slow speed on curves. When picking up your cake box lift from the bottom of the box and never from the sides. We will not replace or refund cakes if they become damaged once they have left our supervision.

How do I care for my cake and desserts?

We're glad you asked! 

Read our Cake Care Tips here for information about storage, serving, transporting & more.

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