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Cake Gallery

Enchanto cake

Enchanto cake with gold acrylic toppers, fresh florals and edible images. 🦋

Wedding cake

Sweet & small wedding cake with buttercream texture, sprinkles and topped with fresh white roses. 🌹

Led Zeppelin Cake

Led Zeppelin cake with custom acrylic set. 🤘🎸

The Last of us cake

The Last of Us themed cake with piped buttercream fungi and foliage, edible images and topped with an acrylic number. 🍄🌿

Two peas in a pod cake

Two peas in a pod themed cake for a twin birthday! 🌿

E.T Cake

E.T themed cake with night sky buttercream, edible image and custom acrylic topper. 👽🌕

Dino cake

Dinosaur cake 💚

Baseball cake

Baseball cake with custom acrylic topper & charm set for Liam's birthday! ⚾

Princess Peach cake

Princess Peach cake with edible image, fondant rainbows, paper butterflies and sprinkle details. ✨ Quarter slab cake size.

Disco cow girl cake

Pink piped fringe, cow print & custom acrylic set for a disco rodeo party! Topped with chocolate spheres, toy hats & disco balls. 🪩

Minions cake

Minions theme number cake with banana sprinkles, edible characters and cake pops! 🍌

Peter Rabbit Cake

Watercolor buttercream, gold leaf, edible image of Peter Rabbit, with an gold acrylic topper for a baby shower. 🐇

Rainbow cake

Colourful rainbow cake for Rowan's 1st birthday!

Dino cakes

Bright, colourful dinosaur cakes with shag piping, faux foliage and dino toy toppers.

Extra tall 8" cake

Fiesta themed cake with beautiful piping details and edible printed banner. 🌵

Close up of piped cactus

Close up of piped cactus and details

Charming heart cake

Frilly pink & white cake created with vintage piping techniques.

Retro Beach Cake

Groovy beach cake for Sofia's 8th beach theme party! Blue ombre buttercream, shag piping, and custom set of acrylic toppers.

Graduation cake

Fresh flowers, monochromatic drip, gold splashes and custom acrylic set.

First trip around the sun🌤

Textured watercolor ombre buttercream with fluffy rustic edge, finished with custom acrylic topper set. 8" cake size.

Under the sea cake

Chocolate sea creatures, piped foliage, paper toppers and a chocolate sail complete this under the sea cake! 🧜‍♀️

Mermaid close up

Close up of under the sea cake details.

Sesame sheet cake

Sesame sheet number 2 cake in a double size (half sheet size). Topper with edible characters, fondant confetti and sprinkles.

Aries Baby cake

Star sign heart cake ♈🌟💖

Minions Cake

This cake is bananas! 🍌Minions theme with edible image, blue ombre buttercream, yellow drip and toys on top.

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig cake in 8" size. Chocolate balloons, edible rainbow topper, and sparkly stars! ⭐✨

Cocomelon Cake

Rainbow buttercream, with edible image of Cocomelon.

Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman cake with fondant decorations. ⭐

Oscars cake

Gold, white and red Oscars viewing party cake with glitter paper toppers, chocolate gold sail and chocolate spheres.

Cherry Chip Cake

Cherry chip cake with piped cherry design, and topped with glitter maraschino cherries and birthday plaque. 🍒

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cake in purple, pink and turquoise colour scheme, with acrylic topper. 🦄

Hippie Cake

Groovy 60th cake in 8" size. Buttercream flowers, glitter butterflies and acrylic charms. 🦋

Farm Cake

Farm friends cake with buttercream grass, cow print and paper animal toppers.

Farm Cake

Close up of farm friends cake. 🐷🐥🐮

Golf Cake

Green golf cake for a 30th birthday with custom acrylic toppers.

Boho Cake

Close up of boho butterfly cake.

Frozen Elsa cake

Frozen theme cake with custom paper Elsa topper. ❄

Rainbow Cake

Pink + purple cake with acrylic rainbow topper, white chocolate drip and sprinkles. 🌈

Rainbow Cake

Close up details of drip, sprinkles and piping details.

Rainbow Cake

Close up details.

Candy cake

Colourful candy cake for Novah's first birthday! Custom acrylic toppers, cakepop cones 🍦 , macarons & sprinkly details. ✨

Spongebob Cake

Sponge Bob cake with handpainted background, edible printed characters, and piped undersea details.🍍

Macaron Cake

Top view of a 6" cake with a macaron crown.

Space Cake

Space cake with custom acrylic toppers. 🚀

Boho Butterfly Cake

Close up of drip and gold splatter details.

Boho Butterfly Cake

Boho butterfly cake topped with birthday plaque, drip, gold palm leaf and paper butterflies. 🦋

Construction Cake

Close up of construction cake details. Chocolate drip, crushed chocolate bars and toy truck. 🚧

Happy Flower Cake

Happy flower cake. 😊

Dino Bash Cake

Dino bash cake with buttercream texture and paper toppers. 🦖

Pokemon cake

Pokemon cake with edible toppers and chocolate spheres.

Dino Bash Cake

Close up of buttercream texture.

Gabby's Doll House Cale

Gabby's Doll House cake with sprinkles and edible chocolate topper. 🧁

Sprinkle Cake

Close up of sprinkle cake.

Llama Fiesta Cake

Llama Fiesta cake with buttercream piped cacti, tassel pom poms and ruffles. Topper with glitter paper cactus and fondant llama. 🦙🌵

Chocolate Drip Cake

Chocolate and vanilla ombre cake with sprinkles and chocolate drip.

Hot Wheels Cake

Hot Wheels cake with buttercream flames, edible image and chocolate topper. 🏁

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse cake 🐭🎀 with pastel rainbow buttercream, chocolate balloons, glitter butterflies, and acrylic topper.

Pokemon Cake

Pokemon cake with edible chocolate toppers. ⚡

Birthday Cake

Top view of a sprinkle cake with a rope border.

Lol Dolls Cake

Lol Dolls cake with drip, candy and edible chocolate toppers. 🍭

Jungle Safari Cake

Jungle safari cake with buttercream texture, faux greenery, gold palm leaf and toy lion. 🦁

Mermaid Cake

Mermaid cake with wavy buttercream texture, piped undersea details, chocolate sea creatures and mermaid tails. 🐚🧜‍♀️

Spiderman Cake

Spidey & His Amazing Friends cake with edible images and chocolate toppers. 🕷🕸

Coco Melon Cake

Coco Melon cake with buttercream stripes, rainbow piped border and edible chocolate toppers. 🌈👶

Rainbow Cake

Pastel rainbow cake with white chocolate drip, sprinkle details and acrylic rainbow topper. 🌈

Macaron Cake

Macaron cake. ✨

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse cake with fault line texture, edible image, chocolate bows and sprinkle details. Topped with custom macarons. 🐭🎀

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