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Bakeshop menu

February 22 - March 22

WED TO FRI 11-7 , SAT 11-5



Taste the rainbow! Skittle buttercream with flavours of strawberry, green apple, grape, lemon and orange.  (Gluten friendly)

cotton candy

Cotton Candy.png

Sweet cotton candy buttercream tastes like nostalgia (Gluten friendly)

salted caramel

Salted Caramel.png

Caramel buttercream, with a handmade salted caramel center. (Gluten friendly)


Dunkaroo (1).png

The 90's are calling! Funfetti buttercream made with our handmade dunkaroo cookies. (Contains gluten)

ferrero rocher

Ferrero Rocher.png

Chocolate ganache, with a Nutella filling and hazelnut center. Finished with milk chocolate and hazelnut coating. (Gluten friendly)

rocket pop

Rocket Pop.png

Rocket Pop buttercream with flavors of cherry, lime, and raspberry. This ice cream truck classic is the bomb. (Gluten Friendly)


chocolate chunk

Chocolate Chunk.png

Classic cookie loaded with semi- sweet chocolate chunks. Finished with a pinch of fleur de sel.

birthday cake

Birthday Cake Cookies.png

Birthday cake cookie with white chocolate and colourful sprinkles.

mini egg

Mini Egg.png

Classic cookie loaded with milk chocolate eggies.

red velvet

Red Velvet.png

Red velvet cookie with white chocolate chunks

carrot cake

Carrot Cake.png

Spiced oatmeal base with fresh grated carrot, topped with royal icing & sprinkles.  Here for a limited time!

fruity pebbles

Fruity Pebbel.png

Classic cookie loaded with fruity pebbles and topped with white chocolate.


cosmic brownie

Cosmic Brownie.png

Fudgy brownie topped with rich chocolate ganache and rainbow bit chips

birthday blondie

Birthday Blondie.png

Birthday cake flavoured blondie loaded with colourful sprinkles, topped with white chocolate ganache.

blueberry pie bar

Blueberry Jam Bar.png

Blueberry jam on top of a buttery shortbread crust, and topped with brown sugar oat crumble.

twix brownie


Fudgy brownie topped with rich chocolate ganache, swirled with caramel, and topped with a twix.

mini egg blondie

Mini egg blondie.png

White chocolate blondie loaded with crushed milk chocolate eggies, topped with more pastel easter eggies

s'moreo marshmallow  bar

S'mOreo Bar.png

Colourful vanilla marshmallow layered on top of white chocolate ganache and a oreo cookie crust.

funfetti birthday

Birthday Cake.png

Vanilla cake loaded with sprinkles and frosted with birthday buttercream. Signature cakes are topped with birthday cake macarons

cosmic chocolate

Chocolate Cake.png

Chocolate cake frosted with rich chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. Signature cakes are topped with our handmade Cosmic brownies.

cakes & cake cups
mini cheesecake

cookie butter


Biscoff cookie crust, classic vanilla cheesecajem topper with cookie butter & a lotus cookie


Inspired by the 90's lunchbox snack, our handmade dunkaroos taste as good as you remember from Your childhood (maybe even better).


Meringue kisses are light as air and perfectly sweet. (Gluten friendly and dairy free)


Soft clouds of piped marshmallow dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. (Gluten friendly)

gradient (23)_edited_edited.jpg


Macarons contain nuts and are naturally gluten free,  however some flavours contain gluten and other allergens. 

Bars, cookies and cake contain nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten and other allergens.

Please contact us with any concerns:


Macarons, bars and cakes taste their best at room temperature or slightly chilled. Remove from the fridge thirty minutes to an hour before serving. Macarons, bars and cake will keep well for up to a week when stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

Cookies are best enjoyed within a few days and should be stored in an airtight container on the counter.

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